Thank you everyone who took our survey on the gender gap in STEM Entrepreneurship!

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NewOak Consulting seeks to incent, promote, and support the launch of science and technology businesses.

Leveraging experience- Enabling Success

We bring years of experience in the scientific business and academic sectors to support new business, non-profits and commercial companies alike in conducting survey research, market analysis, business development and business operations to fast-track their business development process.


Business Development Accelerator

  • Market Assessment
    • Product / market / workflow fit
    • Competitive analysis
  • Market penetration roadmap
    • Revenue goals
    • Milestones targets
    • Inflection points and alternative pathways
  • Product development guidance
    • Alpha / Beta rollout, test plan, metrics

Market Penetration Accelerator

  • Product market fit and available market % goals
  • Define workflow fit
  • Connect with channel partners, early access customers

Product Development Accelerator

  • Guidance for increasing margin target
  • Support for Lean development
  • Assistance in Lean Six Sigma process design development

Consulting Offerings

Although we strongly believe in the value of accelerating the business development of new companies, we at NewOak Consulting understand the needs of new businesses are varied.  For those entrepreneurs that would like some assistance, without committing to an accelerator program, we have a collection of consulting offerings to guide your business development, product management and product development needs.


  • Survey design and deployment
  • Market analysis
  • Product market fit assessment
  • Product management direction
  • Business plan assistance
  • Iterative product development advice
  • Lean Six Sigma process guidance
  • Agile project management assistance
  • VC pitch support


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